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  • September 02, 2021

The word ‘Autumn’ derives from the Latin word ‘autumnus’ to denote the passing of the year. The season brings with it falling leaves, cooling temperatures and diminishing daylight hours. Deciduous trees boast striking colour changes - burnt ochres, russet reds and golden browns - before falling to the ground. Crispy, crunchy underfoot ready to be kicked by little boots. 


DockATot Fall 2021 Regal Romance Collection


Our Autumn 2021 Regal Romance Collection embodies all that we love about Autumn. Welcome into your home the muted shades and rich textures of this changing season. Inspired by both nature and art, our three new prints capture the allure of the outdoors and invite you into a regal yet romantic world. 

We’d love to introduce you to each design. 

Busy Bees

The symmetrical, balanced shape of the honeybee has brought inspiration to this romantic yet playful composition. The artwork behind the design resembles the popular embellishment technique of embroidery stitching. The result - a mesmerising, intricate pattern symbolising immortality and resurrection. 

DockATot Busy Bees print from Fall 2021 Regal Romance Collection


Gucci, Viktor and Rolf and other fashion houses have been influenced by the regal allure of honeybees: their innate ability to create and protect are what make them so beautiful and unique. Enjoy the taste of sweetness in your everyday parenting journey with a Busy Bee Deluxe+ dock - the stunning pairing of pinks and browns are an autumnal match made in heaven. 

DockATot Present Tense Floor Cushion in Busy Bees print from the Regal Romance Collection

Golden Willow Boughs

Entwining stems and delicate willow leaves combine to create this delightful print in a subtle golden yellow. This aureate shade brings to mind the early stages of Autumn, just as the leaves begin to turn. It evokes childhood memories of celebrating harvest - the gathering of ripe corn from the fields. 

DockATot Golden Willow Boughs print from the Regal Romance Collection


This timeless Morris & Co design from 1887 is reminiscent of damask - the traditional interiors fabric with an interwoven repeated pattern. The modern trend of marrying home furnishings with fashion has been interpreted in this print and we love its gentle sophistication. 

DockATot Present Tense Floor Cushion and Tent of Dreams in Golden Willow Boughs print


Lift your spirits with the ethereal beauty of this joyful Golden Willow Boughs print. And for a truly immersive experience for your little one, why not indulge in a Present Tense floor cushion and Tent of Dreams as well?


First created in 1879 from original wooden hand printing blocks, this Morris & Co print is a truly decadent, regal addition to your nursery decor. A veritable culmination of romance and nature; the Acorn design is a sight to behold. 

DockATot Acorn print from the Regal Romance Collection


The detailed Acorn branches with their romantic curves and contrasting, earthy hues is set to be a favourite in the Regal Romance Collection this Fall. Create a dynamic, impactful interior space with bright vintage florals and sizeable indoor plants. Luxurious home furnishings collaborating with nature’s rawest elements - in style! 

DockATot Nursing Pillow in Acorn print from Regal Romance Collection

Reconnecting with nature

These romantic retro-inspired prints are an opportunity to build upon our reconnection with nature that began during the recent global pandemic. Active lifestyles and a growing dependence on nature are becoming part of our daily lives, renewing and sustaining us. 

DockATot bolster cushion in Golden Willow Boughs print from the Regal Romance Collection


We know that connecting with nature and the outdoors is essential to mental wellbeing. And as a parent, this is especially true. The Regal Romance Collection is an ode to nature’s healing and unifying qualities. By drawing in motifs and patterns from the natural world to your home, you can bring the best of nature into your living spaces.

Create a scene and accessorise!

Immerse yourself in the Regal Romance Collection and take a look at our signature accessories that beautifully enhance your interiors. Each of the three prints delightfully complement each other, so you can mix and match to create your preferred look. And let’s not forget how functional and practical they are too!

The DockATot Tent of Dreams a must-have accessory if your baby has an older sibling or if you want to gift your baby something special to grow into. A cosy set-up for reading, role-playing with teddies or playing hide-and-seek. An impressive statement piece for a nursery - you can really bring the outside in with the Busy Bees or Golden Willow Boughs designs. 

DockATot Tent of Dreams in Busy Bees print from the Regal Romance Collection

La Maman Wedge our stylish accent cushion that doubles as a nursing pillow. Who knew you could so subtly and elegantly accessorise the day-to-day activity of breastfeeding? 

DockATot La Maman Wedge in Acorns print from the Regal Romance Collection

The Present Tense Floor Cushion our most versatile accessory. Children can lounge on them, build them into forts or stack them high. Parents can sit or lie on them, finding moments of quiet and mindfulness around the home. Even for five minutes - it’s worth it! 

DockATot Present Tense Floor Cushion in Golden Willow Boughs with child playing on it


To shop our Autumn 2021 Regal Romance collection, click here. And do keep in touch for more parenting and lifestyle tips and for exclusive promotions and product launches. 

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