How to holiday at home: tips for a successful staycation

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  • July 19, 2021

With so much uncertainty around travel at the moment, staycations are firmly on trend this summer. So let’s make it a year to remember. Just because you aren’t flying somewhere exotic doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a luxurious break.

If you’re planning a staycation this year, here are some tips for making your holiday at home just as memorable as ever. 

Transform your home into a haven

Get your home clean and clutter free so you’re able to unwind during your staycation. Why not book your cleaner in to get the house sparkling the day before you begin your holiday? 

Step it up a gear and create a summer house feel to your home by purchasing some new pieces. A gorgeous new painting or a set of lavish William Morris print cushions will add an element of novelty to your “summer house”. 

DockATot William Morris play tent, decorative pillows and bolster cushions

Give yourself a vacation budget

Without a flight, airport transfers and hotels, your holiday costs will be much lower. You wouldn’t think twice about an extra cocktail, Uber fare or adventure activity when you’re away, so why on a staycation? 

Decide on your budget in advance so you enjoy some guilt free spending during your staycation.

Relax and unwind

Being on holiday is about removing yourself from the daily grind. Don’t forget to turn on your out-of-office and turn off your work phone. Get ahead on all your housework and food shopping so you can switch off once the holiday begins.

Fine dining

Eating and drinking are a big part of every holiday, so make sure you are all set for a week of culinary treats. Shop for ingredients to shake up your favourite cocktails. Have a supply of holiday-worthy snacks to keep you going. 

Why not theme your food for your favourite cuisine? Try a Grecian week of pittas, feta and baklava. Or go French with morning pastries, a cheese course, and dessert wine with every meal.

Plate of croissants and lemon tea set out on a table

Break the routine

Throw out the rule book for the week and let loose. Allow the kids to stay up late. Eat breakfast in the garden or dinner in the living room. Have a sleepover in different bedrooms or even camp out in the garden and have a cookout. Take turns with your partner to enjoy a lie-in while the other gets up with the kids. 

Make a plan

Ensure your week is memorable by having a plan of activities for each day. Why not get the whole family involved in planning some of their favourite activities so everyone enjoys the week? From pyjama days to hiking excursions, give yourselves something to look forward to each day.

Discover new places

No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there are always new places to discover. Restaurants, beauty spots, even the tourist attractions that you’d never normally consider as a local resident. Do some research on tourism websites to find new destinations. Discovering local hidden treasures will give you that same buzz as when you are exploring somewhere new. 

Little girl lying in a DockATot Deluxe+ dock with flowers and books around her

Spend a night away

Even if you aren’t able to book a week in the Bahamas, you could book a night or two away in a local boutique hotel. Getting away even for 24 hours can lift your spirits, and packing for just a couple of nights is a lot less effort than preparing for a whole trip abroad. 

Pack up your DockATot dock into one of our getaway totes, and it'll be home-from-home for your little one wherever they are.

DockATot getaway tote

Refresh your vacation wardrobe

Who doesn’t like buying a new outfit for holiday? Just because you aren’t leaving the country, you can still treat yourself to a new holiday look. Donning a new outfit for the first time is a great way to get in the holiday spirit on the first day of your staycation. 

Pack smart for day trips

Day trips out with a baby can feel like hard work, so it’s important to be prepared. For shorter trips, aim to pack light and just slip a clutch changer in the buggy for the essential items, keeping you feeling lightweight and carefree.  

DockATot clutch changer

For longer day trips to the beach or national park, taking some toys along with your DockATot dock will take the stress out of your day, as you’ll know your little one has somewhere safe to relax. You might even have some extra time to enjoy the sun. 

Have a night out

Take advantage of the proximity of babysitters during your staycation. Book yourselves a romantic evening out once the children are safely tucked up in bed. What better excuse to sample that new restaurant you’ve been dying to visit? 

Have a night in

A cosy night in can be equally relaxing, especially as a family. Why not set up a play tent in the front room, put on some popcorn and enjoy a family cinema night? Our play tents are perfect hideouts for little people wanting to cosy up. 


DockATot play tent

Capture the memories

However you spend your staycation, don’t forget to capture those smiles and precious moments. Spending a week together without the stresses of work or daily routine is a great opportunity for photographs. We’d love to see how you’ve spent your staycation so tag us in any DockATot vacation pics on Instagram.

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