Design Focus: Let The Sunshine In!

Take a closer look at our Sun & Sea collection and find inspiration for styling these gender-neutral hues of pink and blue.
  • Roma Patel
  • May 06, 2021

During a time when we’re leaning more than ever on our environment for calm and renewal, our Sun & Sea collection embodies the colours and beauty of Mother Nature. It’s a true celebration of nature’s purest elements, featuring uplifting tones of faded blue and rich shades of natural ginger. 

We take a closer look at the new collection and find inspiration for styling these gender-neutral hues of pink and blue. Let the sunshine in and breathe springtime revival into your home!

Relaxed Chic: Chambray

The soft, light texture of chambray is something many of us are familiar with when it comes to summer fashion. But its fine, dense weave makes chambray both durable and breathable - meaning it's the perfect choice for a nursery too. Made from 100% cotton with subtle highs and lows woven directly into the fabric, our new Chambray lends a stylish, yet comfortably textured vibe to our classic solid dock.

We’ve designed the Chambray docks in two subtle, on-trend shades that work beautifully in gender-neutral nurseries but blend comfortably into grown-up living spaces too. 

The Marine Chambray dock features a faded and naturally hued blue, just like your favorite pair of jeans. The shade lends an artisan quality to the traditional blue, and brings a certain sense of wholesome comfort and familiarity to a living space.

Inspired by earthy elements and warm summer days, the Ginger Chambray dock brings real warmth to natural colour schemes. Think gently baked terracotta pottery, warmed by a mediterranean sun.

Styling The Chambray

The Chambray docks are so versatile and easy to style that they complement a huge variety of different interior styles. Try contrasting the Marine Chambray against clean whites for a fresh and understated elegance. You can add interest by introducing texture with chunky knit throws or fluffy cushions. 

Natural materials like bare wood and jute can bring a subtle seaside vibe to the room or, for a brighter, more playful feel incorporate soft pastels into your colour scheme. Daffodil yellow contrasts beautifully against the relaxed blue of the Marine Chambray dock to breathe Spring freshness into this room.

We love the way the Ginger Chambray brings such warmth to natural colour schemes - it’s perfect for gender neutral nurseries. Experiment with muted shades of cream, beige and light brown. Pair with natural textures like hessian and raw wood finishes for an on-trend eco vibe.

Homespun elegance: Shibori

Led by the at-home family crafting movement, our new Shibori docks are a stylish way to add a homespun and fashion forward vibe to your decor. Using the ancient Japanese shibori dye technique of folding, twisting and bunching cloth, these relaxed fabrics have been all over the runways this season. And they’re making their way into our home decor too.


We’ve carried the Marine and Ginger colourways over to the Shibori docks.

Styling The Shibori

Whilst the Marine Shibori dock is perfect for creating fresh, crisp holiday vibes in an interior, you can create a cosier space by contrasting the bright blues with darker shades of natural brown, faded maroon and terracotta. Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying patterns and thick textures to create a boho vibe.  

Speaking of boho vibes, the Ginger Shibori lends itself easily to bohemian interiors. And like the Ginger Chambray it also sits beautifully next to light, natural shades and textures. 

Cabana Kits

To complete our Sun & Sea collection, we’ve created Cabana Kits in complementary shades for the Chambray and Shibori Deluxe+ docks. With summer just around the corner, protect your baby from the sun and other elements with a retractable UV-protected shade of 50+ SPF and weatherproof base protector. Perfect for days out at the beach, lake, park or an afternoon in the backyard.

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